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Oil and gas process systems (offshore/onshore), procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance …
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Trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, power generation…
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Marine vessels supply services: obax is totally committed to our customers to always provide safe, reliable and modern offshore vessels
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Engineering design & construction of surface, air & rail infrastructure: highways, bridges, roads, drainage, dams, power, transmission lines
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Offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, deepwater driller with rigs that can drill in more than 4,500 feet of water
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Testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore wells, we give dependable answers about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure and temperature.
Welcome to Obax Worldwide Ltd
Architect Osamudiamen Patrick O’Basuyi emigrated to the USA in the August of 1979 after graduating from Edo Boys High School(Adolo), Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. While in the USA, he attended Southern University and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana  with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
After working over ten years for several top USA Architectural and Engineering companies, he acquired a multidiscipline professional ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING consulting firm founded in 1985 as ARLOU, INC. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.
In 2000, AMERICON LLC was Incorporated to provide large scale infrastructure construction for AT&T, Charter Communication etc throughout the continental USA. AMERICON INFRASTRUCTURE, LLC was later formed expanding its services to include design and construction of Telecom, Broadband, Wireless, Power (transmission lines), Water / Wastewater, Drainage, Dam, etc. and expanded more into ENERGY with emphasis on Oil & Gas EPCI-O&M services.
After many successes and accolades in the USA, he Established OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED, a 100% Nigeria Limited Liability company to focus exclusively on projects in Africa with Headquarters in Nigeria and supporting companies in the USA. OBAX is now the fastest growing and largest 100% INDIGENOUS NIGERIAN LOCAL CONTENT COMPANY supporting oil & gas companies with specialized in-country onshore and offshore services for Exploration, Development, Production and Processing.
Obax Worldwide Ltd is a Nigerian company doing business in AFRICA and other countries outside the United States. Obax Worldwide has a long and successful working relationship with entities based in the United States which act as independent contractors to Obax Worldwide in its projects in Nigeria and around the world.
OBAX Worldwide Divisions include:
OBAX OIL & GAS: Front End Engineering, Oil and Gas Process Systems (offshore/onshore), (EPCIO&M); Refining, Chemicals and Industrial Facilities, Building Natural Gas and Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pipelines and Storage Tanks.
OBAX Energy: Energy Aquisition, Production, Development, Processing, Refining, Exploration, and Power Generation including Renewable Energy.
OBAX Marine: Drilling Rigs, Construction Barges, Lift Boats, Dive Support Vessels, Crew Boats, House Boats, Floatng Hotels, Supply Boats, Escort Boats, Patrol Boats and other marine support vessels for the life cycle of an offshore development.
OBAX Drilling: Offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, Floating rig driller with semi-submersibles and drillships, Deepwater driller, OBAX BULK.
OBAX Infrastructure: Engineering Design and Construction of Surface, Air and Rail Infrastructure; Highways, Bridges, Roads, Drainage, Dams, Power Transmistion Lines, Water/Waste, Telecom, Broadcast and Wireless, Port and Marine Facilities..