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Oil and gas process systems (offshore/onshore), procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance …
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Trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, power generation…
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Marine vessels supply services: obax is totally committed to our customers to always provide safe, reliable and modern offshore vessels
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Engineering design & construction of surface, air & rail infrastructure: highways, bridges, roads, drainage, dams, power, transmission lines
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Offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, deepwater driller with rigs that can drill in more than 4,500 feet of water
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Testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore wells, we give dependable answers about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure and temperature.

About Obax

Company History
OBAX Worldwide Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company which has built up a reputation for delivering Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning Services in the Oil and Gas Industry. We provide solutions for major Oil & Gas Companies in Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance.

Our background and experience gives our Clients the control and resources so critical to successful project delivery. The OBAX team includes specialists in all major design and construction disciplines.

Our Staff is comprised of Registered Professional Engineers (Process Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineers, Civil Engineer), Certified Cost Engineers, Certified Professional Estimators, Certified Value Specialists with years of experience in construction industries.

OBAX has highly capable human and material resources to develop projects from concept to commissioning with the requisite leadership to drive success.

Who we are
OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED is a consolidation of several American USA Nigerian subsidiary ENERGY companies launched decades ago as a 100% Nigeria Limited Liability company to focus exclusively on projects in Africa with Headquarters in Nigeria and its supporting affiliated companies in the USA.


To partner with Clients in making Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy available in the safest, most   cost effective manner and with commitment to meeting environmental responsibilities Management Team


To ensure optimally safe, healthy and conducive conditions necessary for all employees and third parties to sustain peak performance.

To ensure high standards and excellent product/service delivery.

To implement effective business practices to ensure the sustainability of excellent relationships with clients.