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oil and gas process systems (offshore/onshore), procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance (epic-&m)
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trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, power generation…
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marine vessels supply services: obax is totally committed to our customers to always provide safe, reliable and modern offshore vessels 
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engineering design & construction of surface, air & rail infrastructure: highways, bridges, roads, drainage, dams, power, transmission lines
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offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, deepwater driller with rigs that can drill in more than 4,500 feet of water

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testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore wells, we give dependable answers about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure and temperature.

Obax Oil field fabrication services

Obax  oil fabrication help to manufacturing of equipment and structures for the oil and gas industry. This can include a wide range of products, such as drilling rigs, pipelines, storage tanks, and other infrastructure used in the exploration, extraction, and transportation of oil and gas.
Our Oil fabrication typically involves a combination of engineering design, materials selection, and manufacturing processes such as welding, machining, and assembly. It is our specialized field that deals in engineering principles and the ability to work with a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.
We often work closely with clients in the oil and gas industry to design and manufacture custom equipment and structures that meet the specific needs and requirements of their operations. Quality and safety are critical considerations in this field, as the equipment and structures produced must be able to withstand harsh environments and meet strict industry regulations.