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oil and gas process systems (offshore/onshore), procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance (epic-&m)
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trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, power generation…
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marine vessels supply services: obax is totally committed to our customers to always provide safe, reliable and modern offshore vessels 
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engineering design & construction of surface, air & rail infrastructure: highways, bridges, roads, drainage, dams, power, transmission lines
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offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, deepwater driller with rigs that can drill in more than 4,500 feet of water

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testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore wells, we give dependable answers about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure and temperature.

More about Obax Energy

Obax world Trading in energy is the buying and selling of energy products such as electricity, natural gas, oil, and renewable energy. The goal of trading in energy is to profit from changes in the price of these products.
Our Energy acquisition refers to the process of obtaining energy resources such as oil and gas. This can involve exploration, drilling, and production. Exploration involves searching for new deposits of oil and gas, which is typically done through the use of geological and geophysical techniques. Once a deposit is found, drilling is used to extract the energy resource from the ground. Production is the process of extracting the energy resource and bringing it to the surface.
Obax Energy development refers to the process of turning energy resources into usable forms of energy. This can involve processing and refining raw energy resources such as oil and gas into more usable forms, such as gasoline and diesel fuel. It can also involve developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.
Our Power generation is the process of creating electricity. There are many different methods of power generation, including the use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources.
In summary, Obax energy industry involves a complex process of acquiring, developing, and generating energy resources, with the goal of providing a reliable and affordable source of energy to our consumers.