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oil and gas process systems (offshore/onshore), procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance (epic-&m)
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trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, power generation…
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marine vessels supply services: obax is totally committed to our customers to always provide safe, reliable and modern offshore vessels 
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engineering design & construction of surface, air & rail infrastructure: highways, bridges, roads, drainage, dams, power, transmission lines
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offshore driller with mobile offshore drilling units, deepwater driller with rigs that can drill in more than 4,500 feet of water

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testing and measurement services for onshore and offshore wells, we give dependable answers about reservoir extent, productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure and temperature.

Energy Division

Obax World energy division is a unit within the company that is responsible for the production, distribution, and management of energy within the organization. This can include tasks such as sourcing energy from external suppliers, developing and maintaining energy-related infrastructure, and implementing energy-efficient policies and practices.
The specific responsibilities and focus of our energy division varies depending on the nature and size of the project, as well as the industry in which we serve. Obax world energy division is a utility sector thats responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity to customers, also we are involved in the research and development of new energy technologies, or in the exploration and production of natural resources such as oil and gas, trading, energy acquisition, production, development, processing/refining, exploration, and power generation